Balham Baptist Church

life in diversity


Most of us at some level connect with a church community because we’re looking for friends – we’re seeking people to share the journey with.

Meeting with a small group of people means we can actually get to know one another, and meaningfully offering care and support. It also gives the opportunity for God to speak through one another, through the relationships that we have invested time in.

We have a number of these LifeGroups – which one suits where you're at?

 LifeGroup1 info

  Great if you're working from home 

and looking for something to break up the day, 

or if you'd rather avoid the evenings!

 LifeGroup2 info

Take time to reflect and think with others 

in a compassionate and caring space

 LifeGroup 3 info

Just starting out or wondering

where to head with your faith now? 

This could be the place for you! 

 LifeGroup4 info

If your daily routine or season of life

means it's tricky to leave the house

find meaningful connection online 

Drop us an email to find out more!