Balham Baptist Church

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Coronavirus Updates

[Updated 30th June 2020]

Following careful reflection on both the government guidelines for reopening places of worship as well as the advice from the Baptist Union we will continue aiming to reopen in September.

As our own Leisa has helpfully put it:
“If we only want to allow 30 people in to sit 2 metres apart, having checked their symptoms and recorded names and contact details of attendees at the door, to not sing or touch anything or raise your voice in anyway, to not be able to share communion unless gloved up and it’s just dropped into your hands, then we would be fine. It’s not really who we are!”

In the meantime we will continue to do our best to connect with God and one another through:

  • Sunday Online Gatherings via YouTube (and the freephone audio recording on 02089455722)
  • Church family and children’s Zooms
  • Communication emails
  • Weekly letters to those who are not online
As well as through all our existing connections and friendships!

We’ll do our best to keep this up until we feel we can return and be a little more ‘Balham Baptisty’. Until then we hope over the next couple of months to discover new ways to reconnect and get together, both within and outside our buildings.

If you’ve been a part of our regular church family for a while and are not receiving emails but would like to, please let us know through